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This a prototype game I assembled using RPG Maker MV.  It took me about 4 weeks to create it so it'll be a little rough around the edges, but is completely playable!

It's the first chapter in a story about a girl who has the ability to speak to animals. The first portion is a tutorial on how to manage your farm as the rest introduces her friends and explains how she got her powers.

Audience was primarily for my younger female teen family members, so there's minimal violence and no foul language. There is no combat at the moment but may have some in future chapters.

Things you can do in the game:

Grow and harvest crops!
Collect dairy - milk cows collect eggs!
Feed animals!
Talk to animals!
Rescue animals!
Play as the animals

Windows version is Xbox controller compatible!

Feel free to leave civil feedback - thank you!


RMMV Plugins:
Yanfly Quest Plugins

Ketsa -  "Start of something beautiful"

Install instructions

For animal-whisper-html.zip
Extract the zip file and double click index.html.
Runs best in Firefox or Microsoft Edge
Will not run in Chrome

For animal-whisper-windows.zip
Extract the zip file and double click game.exe
Runs best in Windows 10
Windows version is Xbox controller compatible!


animal-whisper-windows.zip 229 MB
animal-whisper-html.zip 198 MB


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MORE plz

We'll see... I just need time to work on it :)

Thanks for playing!

I know but am I looking forwed to the next update

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Hello. So far I'm enjoying the game, even though I'm still on the tutorial (those usually bore me, but I like it the way it's done in this game). But I'm stuck right now. I don't know how to use the bell. I collected the eggs first and then went in front of the barn and pressed enter and most other keys, but nothing happened.

Never mind. I figured it out.

Glad you figured it out. Thanks for the feedback!